TYPE:- 2 seater sports DRIVER:- J A Williams REGISTRATION:- GAW 109D YEAR:- 1 This 1966 TTriumph based Burlington Berretta uses a Triumph Herald 13i60 model modified chassis. The . body be,ig - based on the Burlington `Burlington desi9ft sWIIIu sBerre ttastyle of flowMgw~ front andrear Tr-ium h -engine is r~tained and lightly t'uned' the whole tr~s-ion and The original 1300cc p systems are as orig,~naT with up-rated components used where -p°ss'~Te' suspension wg loom is also original with modification to accept more accessories and The electrical conversion to alternator power as opposed to dynmo seats- dashboard; doors mohair/all. weather hood and tonneau cover T'he interior layout and trim,,- e s are wheel carrier, are all owner designed and built giving individuality to a together with the spare classic-British sports car styling

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